Sight on Scene

I felt the tears pool up and fall in rivulets down my temples. As I turned to my side I pulled the furry body pillow to my chest and buried my face in it. How could I be so naive?  What would it have taken for me to leave? A raised voice? Physical violence? I … Continue reading “Sight on Scene”

Cubicle Existentialism

When did anomie become your Beelzebub? When did the nihilistic shadows in your mind take the shape of an archaic demon? Your God became a substitution for your art, a depthless void to pour your love out to. He is not listening. Perhaps he never was.  You constructed a framework to systemize the spiritual behaviors … Continue reading “Cubicle Existentialism”

Glass House

When I was young, I remember being enraptured by the idea of living in a glass house. I imagined erecting my glass home deep in the woods, able to view the going-ons of nature intimately while being safe from the elements. It need only be a single room, blending in with the environment rather than breaking … Continue reading “Glass House”

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