Untitled Poem on Cocktail Napkin

You were in every moment now. In the elated pounding of my steering wheel on the way home from seeing you. In the pulsing in my head when the music in the bar drowned out all thoughts. In the rising tide in my eyes on nights spent in empty sheets. Waking life was now a series of rhythmic tasks to be completed in between encounters with you. Breezing through billable hours, commutes, assignments, errands. And before I knew it I would be opening the door to you, a cheeky smile affixed 6 feet above worn sneakers. The rush of warm air from your idled car signaled the onset of an adventure I surely had been looking forward to all week. Miles of road would splay out on the highway. And then time would fix and I could let myself catch sidelong glances at you from the passenger seat. Losing myself in the way the passing streetlights cast a shadow along your jaw and recollecting myself at your knowing smirk when you caught me. It made me snap back to the tail lights ahead but they could never keep my attention. You held that power over me. But you seemed to know better than to wield it and we both continued in our lonesome trajectories.


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